Money Logging to be presented at the Geneva Press Club

Follow the Geneva book talk on livestream

The 5 May 2015 launch of Money Logging in Geneva, Switzerland, will be livestreamed, so everyone can follow the event around the globe!

The book talk will reunite the following personalities:

- Lukas Straumann, Author and Executive Director, Bruno Manser Fund, Basel, Switzerland

- Richard Harvell, Executive Editor, Bergli Books, Basel, Switzerland

- Bilong Oyoi, Headman of the Penan community of Long Sait, Selungo, Baram, Malaysia

- Mutang Urud, Kelabit Researcher, Montreal, Canada

- Clare Rewcastle, Founder and Editor Radio Free Sarawak and Sarawak Report, London UK

To sign up for the livestream on Tuesday 5 May, 7 pm CEST, visit the website of the Geneva Press Club

(3 May 2015)



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